torsdag 7 april 2011

Minecraft - a Multi Million industry

1.8 million - so many have paid for access to the Mine Craft since alpha version was released in June last year. And the unbacked success story brings in lots of money: author Mark Pearson said in an Reddit talk that it has sold some 800 000 alpha-versions for 9.95 euros each, and after the beta was released in December, over a million versions sold for 14 , 95 euro each. In all, the game dragged close to 23 million euros, or about 200 million Swedish kronor.

Although a proportion of income spent on taxes, Paypal fees and other expenses are Mark agree that these are large sums, and he feels overwhelmed by the game's success.

Mine Craft managed and developed by GADGET Entertainment and the company plans to release the game to the IOS and Android. They are also working on a new project called Scrolls which is supposed to show up this year and as you read more about here.

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  1. Minecraft on Android? Sounds good! I'd like to try the game, but never have enough time!