tisdag 5 april 2011

Code A lineup for GSL march StarCraft 2

The Emperor and his team Slayer have all six players in the GSL Jul Code A. In the picture he is posing after winning the team competition Global StarCraft II Team League March.

Now all the players for the upcoming season of GSL Code A clear. Notably, there is no single "Foreigner" on the list, leagues in the U.S. and competitions in Europe attracts visiting obviously more than a professional life in Korea.

Professionals Act Slayers and MVP dominated by six players were in Code A.

GSL May - Code A
Slayers Boxer (T)
Slayer Ryung (T)
My Slayer (Z)
Slayer yugioh (Z)
Slayer Ganzi (T)
Slayer MMA (T)

MVP violet (Z)
MVP explosionNL (P)
MVP Finale (P)
MVP Lure (P)
MVP Noblesse (T)
MVP Keen (T)

Star tale Ace (P)
Star tale, August (S)
Star tale Bombs (T)
Star tale Squirtle (P)

fou TheBest (T)
fou Leenock (Z)
fou choya (P)
fou Topclass (P)

ZeNEX Line (Z)
ZeNEX Coca (Z)

TSL Alive (T)
TSL Revival (Z)

IM PeanutCracker (P)

NSHoSeo VanVanth (P)
ogs Hyperdub (T)
Prime.WE Creator (P)
NSHoSeo Tassadar (P)
Brown (P)

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  1. the asian guys always play way better then others. when starts the battle